Those who were in Taiwan and has decided to have dinner at Shao Kao (Chinese BBQ set up in the streets or alleys) certainly didn’t expect to be in front of a young model in a bikini, instead of the traditional local chef with an apron.

Recently on Chinese social networks have begun to circulate images of a young and sensual girl who was cooking skewers and looked after the management of a street restaurant. Clearly, as we can see the girl in question has not been taken by the owner of the street eating place to work at, but she is a friend of him, that works as a model. She was invited to a dinner and  then she agreed to pose for a series of shots that have well helped the owner to triple his sales. Customers curious and attracted by Hong Xin Yuri, found her very similar to local actress Elva Hsiao.


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This promotion strategy is clearly inspired by photographic services published on FHM (For Him Magazine) released in the beginning of this year, where some models were introduced, in an unusual context, with fashion clothes. These models were photographed to be pursuing those professions which are often carried out by people who live in “urban village“, the poorest part of China’s population.

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On April, photographer Liu Jia Nan posted on his microblog a series of photos taken in the narrow streets of Beijing, in which he portrayed young Chinese models and a foreign model acting as street vendors, traditional barber etc … This series of shots drawn attention of Chinese netizens, due of the beautiful and sensual models, but it also remarked that although China is an economic power continuously growing, with an increasing number of billionaires, in China there is a part of population who still live in the alleys of the “urban village”.

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Source and Photo: via modelle cinesi al bbq

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