Meet The Anbot, China’s new security robot

The Anbot goes on patrol on Shenzhen airport

The Anbot
The design of the Anbot resembles the Doctor Who's Dalecks

The Anbot is a Chinese security robot developed by the National Defense University. It was unveiled at the Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair on April 2016.

It’s 1.49 meter-tall, 78 kg and has a maximum speed of 18 km per hour. According to it can patrol at a speed of 1 km per hour and a capacity of 8 hours. The Anbot is capable of emergency calls, intelligent monitoring, autonomous patrol and, it has four high-definition cameras and modules for biochemical detection and clearing explosives. It’s armed with an electrical anti-riot device remotely controlled. The robot can be used in many public places such as airports, stations and subway to support the police.

security robot

The Anbot is not a Robocop, it's a hi-tech support for the police
The Anbot is not a Robocop, it’s a hi-tech support for the police


Source: via Shanghaiist

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