The mermaid of Wuhan

Liu Nan works as a mermaid at Polar Ocean World in Wuhan

mermaid of Wuhan

The new section on dedicated to Chinese youth “New Youth – Stay Young” shows us an unusual professional career.

In fact, if you ask Liu Nan what is her job, her response is really out of the ordinary, because this young woman works as a mermaid at Polar Ocean World in Wuhan. Liu Nan started this job with great enthusiasm, remembering the dreams she had as a child when she admired the illustrations of “The Little Mermaid“. To perform in the pool which reaches a depth of four meters, she had to support a training of two years ended in 2015. Thanks to the training, commitment and perseverance she has reached a level of elegance and dynamism that make her feel like she was actually born with the tail. The show is specially created to entertain children and adults. The most unpleasant part of her job is to get used to withstand temperature changes, the feeling of pressure in the ears and nose that lasts for all the ten minutes of the show. Swimming in salt water surrounded by tropical fish is a great emotion but also involves an adequate daily personal care with products to counter the effects of salinity on the skin and hair. Liu Nan performs six times a day and she said that after work she feels very tired and therefore prefer to have a quick dinner and then go to the dormitory to rest. In fact, due to the large numbers of visitors, the company that hired her, offers her only four days off a month.

Lou Ye portaired a performing mermaid in the movie Suzhou River (2000) with Zhou Xun. Zhou Xun starred in the dual role, where Meimei, wearing a blond wig and a mermaid tail, swims in a large water tank at the “Happy Tavern”.

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