Facekini: from swimsuit, to cosplay costume for the beach

Facekini has released its 6.0 version this August


Qingdao, Shandong Province. While international media have focused on burkini, the facekini, a mask designed for beachgoers and swimmers, has gained a huge success in China during this hot summer.

This mask over the years has become a real “must” trend for local ladies of middle age. The mask was mainly used only by women, eager to protect the delicate skin of the face. However this year, even men have followed this fashion trend.

The gadget was transformed from a simple craft product, a balaclava made with swimwear’s fabric, into a full costume with various colors, patterns, and different decorations.

If before the main reason to wear a facekini was to protect the skin from the sun, now the reasons of the swimmers who wear it are various.

Some say facekini full swimsuit is also useful to avoid jellyfish stings, while others see the facekini like a superhero costume.

If before it was only a choice of feminine vanity, now qingdaonews.com reports that many men feel as they wear a “Superman” suit. Well, facekini full swimsuit in Qingdao it has become a kind of costume for cosplay at sea.

Images of Facekini

Zhang Shifan is the designer who invented the kini in 2004
The poses of some swimmers who wear the facekini remind of Japanese mangas
Facekini was redesigned because some kids were terrified of it
The simplest version of facekini is also worn by some children
The new version of facekini brings to mind the look of carnival superhero costume but also masks of Mexican wrestlers

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Sources and photos: Chinadaily.com.cn, news.xinhuanet.com, en.people.cn

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