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The Archaeology of China

Last Updated on 2020/12/07

“Past, present and future “The archaeological materials recovered from the Anyang excavations … in the period between 1928 and 1937…have laid a new foundation for the study of ancient China (Li, C. 1977: ix).”

When inscribed oracle bones and enormousmaterial remains were found through scientific excavation in Anyang in 1928, the historicity of the Shang dynasty was confirmed beyond dispute for the first time (Li, C. 1977: ix-xi).

This excavation thus marked the beginning of a modern Chinese archaeology endowed with great potential to reveal much of China’s ancient history..

Half a century later, Chinese archaeology had made many unprecedented discoveries which surprised the world, leading Glyn Daniel to believe that “a new awareness of the importance of China will be a key development in archaeology in the decades ahead (Daniel 1981: 211).

This enthusiasm was soon shared by the Chinese archaeologists when Su Bingqi announced that “the Golden Age of Chinese archaeology is arriving (Su, B. 1994: 139–140)”.

In recent decades, archaeology has continuously prospered, becoming one of the most rapidly developing fields in social science in China”–

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