1 Chinese girl, 70 stray cats


A Chinese girl, 28 year old,  lives with 70 stray kittens.

After graduation, Zhou decided to stay in Xi'an, not for love or work, but for a group of stray cats. She started to adopt stray cats eight years ago. She remember clearly every cat she adopted. For eight years she changed a lot of jobs, but in order to take care of them, she had to quit even her job as street vendor. Zhou said: "Cats are my children, but I have limited energy and money, I had to find for them 'parents'." She lives in an ordinary small flat with two rooms: living room, master bedroom, balcony and cats are in all the places. Zhou have only 2 thousand RMB ( around 324 USA Dollars) each month.

Source and Photos: Huashang, hsw.cn

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