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1 Chinese girl, 70 stray cats

A Chinese girl, 28 years old, lives with 70 stray kittens.

After graduation, Zhou decided to stay in Xi’an, not for love or work, but for a group of stray cats. She started to adopt stray cats eight years ago. She remembers clearly every cat she adopted. For eight years she changed a lot of jobs, but in order to take care of them, she had to quit even her job as a street vendor. Zhou said: “Cats are my children, but I have limited energy and money, I had to find for the ‘parents’.” She lives in an ordinary small flat with two rooms: living room, master bedroom, balcony, and cats are in all the places. Zhou has only 2 thousand RMB ( around 324 USA Dollars) each month.

Living with stray cats in China

stray cats in China
stray cats in China
stray cats in China
stray cats in China

Source and Photos: Huashang,

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