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Hong Kong Cage dwellers

When we think about Hong Kong often images of shiny skyscrapers and colorful neon signs come to mind.

But Hong Kong has a darker side, with more than 100.000 people forced to live in the most degrading conditions in spaces, sometimes even cages, waiting for the Hong Kong government to grant them social housing. These partitions of apartments in a dense network of cages are known as “subdivided units”. Those people can not afford to pay the rent of an apartment in the city. The number of people seeking public housing from the government is constantly increasing.

In Hong Kong, there are those who pay 1250 Hong Kong Dollars (123 Euro, 161 USA Dollars) for a room of 5.6 square meters. The room where they live is both kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, closet, pantry, and in some cases even bathroom. Homeless and the unemployed who can not afford to pay anything take refuge in a structure that has large public rooms with shared beds, called “Home For Love”. Society for Community Organization (SoCO) realized two awareness campaigns to make sure that people do not forget and left them in the margins of society.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Mark Birman
Creative Directors: Kwong Chi Kit, Terry Cheng
Art Directors: Kwong Chi Kit, Dave Ho
Copywriters: Terry Cheng, Kerwin Choy
Photographer “Cubicle Dwellers”: Benny Lam
Retoucher: Henry Chan
Photographer “Cage”: Tim Lau
Props Maker “Cage”: On Tai

Other Photographer: Vincent Yu, Bobby Yip, Damir Sagolj, Tyrone Siu, Paul Yeung


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