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Serene Scent: New Ink Painting

Over the last two decades, new ink painting has been the integral part of Chinese contemporary art movement/scene, and with the development of societal/economical climate and art context its art vision has been broaden and matured.

In recent 5 years traditional and modern ink painting have increasingly created new records in auction house worldwide, more and more ink painting exhibitions are staged or planed in major art venues. Many come to realize that new ink painting, deeply rooted in traditional art and culture, as well as impacted by international art torrent, will play a bigger role in upcoming foreseeable Chinese art world.

On the other hand, there is an obvious tendency of returning to tradition in nowadays Chinese art scene. This phenomenon indicates at least two entwined factors, one is that the worship of Western art rhetoric is being suspected and challenged, another is that traditional value and aesthetic is being revisited in different levels. With this backdrop , contemporary ink painting is no doubt a bridge, integrating traditional cultural heritage with contemporary art sensibility. There is an on going renovation program toward ink painting over the century, traditional and Western culture are two catalysts, respectively pushing ink painting onto the frontier of art from time to time. Serene scent is one of natures of traditional Chinese art, its tranquil, calm, and peaceful quality are shedding new light on contemporary ink painting exploration.

This exhibition, entitled Serene Scent, will showcase those ink painting artists whose works respond both to their spiritual refinement and the social/cultural torrent. The two catalysts are visible among their works, but with different configurations. With their individual perspective and interest to ancient tranquil art, they are presenting a fresh vision of new ink art, that is exploring an uncharted artistic territory.
Artist included in the show are all in their mid-career. Their art have been recognised by national and international authorities, and exhibited worldwide. Their exploration is part of the new art wave of the re-examination to the ancient China tradition, and will be likely part of the new frontier of contemporary Chinese art.

Address: Dongbianmen Watchtower, 9 Chongwenmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng, Beijing
Curator: Zhang Zhaohui
10-13-2012 / 11-18-2012

Zhu Wei朱伟
Zhu Wei, born in 1966 in Beijing, where he studied in the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art, Film Academy, China Institute of Art. He is continues his association with Beijing to this day. His exhibitions include a solo show at Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2012); Group Exhibition, Beyond Horizons, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong (2012).

Li Gang 李纲
Li Gang, Born Guangdong in 1962, he now lives and works in Beijing. His exhibitions include, Ink Art-A World Without Rules, Shanghai (2011); New Image: The Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink and Wash Art, Mingyuan Art Centre, Shanghai (2010) as well as an exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink and wash art on paper, The Republic of Belarus (2009).

He Jian 何剑
He Jian was born in Sichuan in 1978 he graduated from China Art Academy in 2002 and now lives and works in Chongqing. His exhibitions include, Tips – Contemporary Ink Art Exhibition, Humble House Art Cen tre, Taipei (2010), a solo exhibitions at Weibang Gallery, Korea, Seoul (2006) and Art Seasons, Beijing (2005).

Li Tingting 李婷婷
Li Tingting: Graduated with a MFA from Xu Beihong College of Art, Renmin University of China in 2007. She lives and works in Beijing. Exhibitions include Ink Crossword — New ink Exhibition, Duolun Art Museum , Shanghai (2012), Contemporary Water-ink Invitational Exhibition, Wenzhou (2011) and Water And Color, Today Art Museum, Beijing (2009).

Zhu Yuze 朱雨泽
Zhu Yuze, is an artist and critic who was born (in 1962), lives and works in Beijing. He graduated from the University of Tokyo art department in 1986. Exhibitions include New History, Songzhuang(2011) and the 7th Sino-Korea International Art Exhibition, Wuzhou (2010).

Zhang Zhaohui 张朝晖
Zhang Zhaohui is a graduate of Bard College, New York. He is an artist and curator based in Beijing. His exhibitions include, Take Out, Varley Gallery of Art, Toronto (2012); Nord Art Festival, Germany (2010); 60-70-80 Chinese Contemporary Art Château de Tours, France (2009).

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