bansulliAfter a decade-long civil war which cost more than 13,000 lives, the Maoists have come into the front-line, to compete in the national election for the Constituent Assembly.

Nepal, 15′
Nikita Budhthapa, Ghanashyam Giri, Naresh Bhandari

Amid the political changes going to take place in the pristine kingdom of the Himalaya, the life of Bijuli, a 12 years old girl in the remote west of Karnali, is also about change forever. Bansulli is a journey of hopes and desires, against the social stigma that still prevails in Nepal.

Director’s Statement

I can smell alpine pines and fresh lush meadows, chill Himalayan breeze passing through me and making me realize how wonderful this place is where I am born. With time, I have seen the dark aspects of my life and society which is drowned in poverty, illiteracy and taboo where there is a tall mountain standing between Male and a Female aspirations. All of this thought, self-exploration of pain, happiness and learnings brought me to create Bansulli.



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