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11 rare videos of Chinese with supernatural powers!

Supernatural powers in China

From late seventies to the mid-nineties, Qigong enjoyed huge success in China. In this period more than 2000 schools of qigong flourished in the country: dozens of masters taught the Special Abilities (SA, teyigongneng in Chinese) or paranormal powers.

According to Qigong, these paranormal skills are innate in us; through meditation, spiritual exercises, and gymnastics, we are able to free them. Some of these beliefs met such success that the Chinese government bestowed considerable funds to study these powers and for the organization of seminars. The fashion of qigong in the late nineties was deflated, with disastrous consequences (e.g.: Falun Gong, passed by favorite qigong doctrine to be persecuted fiercely).

Supernatural powers in China: What Baike Baidu says about SA

Despite numerous arrests for fraud, in Baike Baidu (the Chinese Wikipedia) there is a long page dedicated to Special Abilities, called also “Human Potential”.

Yet in China, a large portion of the population is firmly convinced of the existence of supernatural powers, innate in everyone and can be activated through Qigong. On the page, there is also a short chapter dedicated to skeptics.

According to Baike, skeptics are still skeptics because the experiments are difficult to repeat in a controlled environment. Furthermore, tested subjects are distracted by psychological tension derived.

Therefore, the conclusion of Baike is that we can’t get scientific evidence because of the limits of the current science, inadequate to measure and evaluate these phenomena. We’re not kidding. Therefore, since is difficult to determine scientifically whether these phenomena are true or false, we must have recourse to history.

Baike starts to mention episodes so far in time as the special powers of the Taiping and other episodes dating back to the time of the Warring States.

The supernatural powers of Zhang Baosheng (arrested for fraud in 1995)

Sun Chulin hoax

Sun Chulin claimed to be able to change shape to materials with the power of the mind. She was considered by many as a living proof of the existence of SA. According to many Chinese sites, she was capable of accelerating the biological development of organisms by thousands of times.

The second part of the video is interestingly enough: Sun engaged in a sort of mystical ecstasy to grow a seed.

Kynetics power of a 84 years old

Electric Men

A pseudo-documentary on SA: walking on hot coals, eating glass, fire, etc..

The “abilities” of a special Chinese clairvoyant ten years old girl 

How to purge needles under the skin

Healer arrested and debunked by CCTV

Not only Qigong, SA from Xinjiang


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