Do you remember the weird ads from the 70s cheap comics promoting X-ray glasses to see through clothes and walls?

The most desired gadget by young nerds of 30 years ago, are eventually come back in China, in a sophisticated and far more expensive version.

Original versions (X Ray Spex, X Ray Gogs) were more sci-fi and naive than the new Chinese version.

Chinese X-ray goggles are presented as the evolution of the latest technologies of American espionage.

This technology is finally available for contact lenses due to the thin membrane with a high technological content (!).

What about the price? Just for today, instead of 1680 yuan (180 euros at current exchange rates), you can get one at the modest sum of 688 yuan (109 USD). Lenses can be found on offer at 788 rmb (125 USD).

What are you waiting for?

Images accompanying the advertising, if we are not wrong, are taken from a music video of 90s synthpop french band Camouflage, song “X-Ray”.

topic: Scam from China, China scam

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