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Monica Bellucci defeats men’s sexual failure in China

Many movies and fashion stars, although not officially involved in the promotion process of Chinese products, are illegally chosen as godmothers or godfathers by an increasing number of local brands.

On major Chinese news websites, you can find banners with the image of the beautiful Italian actress Monica Bellucci. Once opened the link, you are redirected to the site, which is the official website of a Chinese company that produces a formidable panacea for all the ills of the penis: premature ejaculation, prostatitis, male impotence, etc.. The drug is sold in capsules without prescription and it is described as the result of Chinese medicine and the more ‘modern scientific research’, and it has stunned western researchers. In the description, it says that the percentage of solved cases is just a little bit under 99% and since there are over 220 million adults who suffer from general male sexual problems in a population of about 460 million Chinese male adults, Bayao, this is the name of the company, really has solved one of the most’ compelling problem of modern China! A pack of the medicine usually costs “only” 668 yuan, a little more ‘than 70 euros, about the average salary of an adult male Chinese, but just for today, it costs only 568 yuan …


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