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Nostalgia – Do we have photo obsessions because we are replicant?

Do we have photo obsessions because we are replicant? If you are reading my first post this means that you had seen some of my lomo and you already know a little bit of me … so I don’t need to reintroduce myself …

In the last months, the weather in Kunming was terrible: all summer was raining season with just 6 sunny days; in September and in October there were only very few sunny days … It doesn’t seem the “City of Eternal Spring” as worldwide known … I feel a lot of nostalgia because this weather did not allow me to take photos outdoor … the sky is always gray, no good lights, no sounds, no particular smell in the air … decay, emptiness, nothing … I’m getting bored to don’t be able to finish some rolls I started months ago … So I decided to make a splash in the past, watching some wonderful movies that I really love from my growing up! What I really love in books, photos, movies, paintings, music, and all art in general (also in human life:) is that the more you pay attention more you can see. The same thing every time can give you a different surprise. You can watch or listen to them again, again, and find every time something new or something old that was lost in your mind…

I watched the trilogy “Back to the Future” and “Blade Runner”, there is so much to say about these movies, but what I want to share is how in these movies photos are important to prove life !!! In “Back to the Future” when Marty McFly was transported back to November 5, 1955, thanks to an analog photo he was able to understand to don’t make mistakes and to be back in 1985 with his belong family. In “Back to the Future II”, the power of photo is showed in the newspapers, and also in “Back to the Future III” photos are very important to prove life events, like the photo of Doc’s tombstone and the photo of Doc and Marty by the clockworks at the 1885 festival. In “Blade Runner” photos are extremely important to prove humanity, to confirm memories. Rachael visits Deckard showing a family photo to prove that she is not a replicant. Deckard has photo obsessions like all replicants. Unfortunately, in this situation, their photos do not prove of life because they are just replicants. I hope for better weather because I have a lot of rolls that are waiting on all my Lomo cameras. Actually, in this roll, there are nothing particular, only random pictures … but who knows …

Do we have photo obsessions because we are androids?

Dominique Musorrafiti

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