Chinese police forcing vandals to clean up own wallwritings

clean up own wallwritings

Have you ever wondered who owns the phone numbers that can be found on many walls in China?

Western mentality could think that are related with erotic hotline or prostitutes, because in Western cities phone numbers left in phone booths are often linked to sex life. In the West for privacy reasons, phone numbers circulate only in certain places, and those who offer a repair service or others services, even for personal security, leave flyers with their contacts only in public places in order to reach the right customers. In China numbers written on walls are connected to the world of crimes but also to the low cost labor.

Workers, plumbers, electricians and other specialists in labor who do not have their own public parlor, where they can be directly contacted by customers, write, around the city, their numbers in the hope of finding customers. But the police from Shapingba district, in Chongqing city, seems not to appreciate this form of advertising. On Sept. 27, after having contacted in 5 days, 117 phone numbers that were written around the walls of the University, the police forced the offenders to remove the writing, clean up the building and the public street. Among the 117 contacted, 4 were immediately arrested because related to the world of crime, while others are accused of damage the urban environment and under investigation.







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