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Living in containers in Fuzhou

Living in containers in Fuzhou. Containers in a construction site are transformed into makeshift dwellings.

Living in containers is becoming a habit for migrant workers and their families. The containers are placed in front of the luxury new condos.

There are 13 iron containers. The biggest is long 13 meters. Some are divided into different rooms separated by wooden walls.

Inside there are bedrooms, office and kitchen. The living room is the space in front of the “house”.

One worker told a reporter that more than 60 workers live there, where they work for the nearby real estate.

The monthly wage is little more than 1000 yuan. Workers live in the area until there is a job available.

Then they will move to the next site.

In Shenzhen a container can be worth up to 12,000 yuan.



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Last Updated on 2020/12/07

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