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Hidden Heroes

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Hidden Heroes (2004)

110 min - Action, Comedy, Foreign, Science Fiction - 1 January 2004
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Office Yohji Ho meets a female android who comes from the future, in a drug raid. The android's mission is to ensure the death of Yohji...

Director:  Joe Ma, Soi Cheang


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Office Yohji Ho meets a female android who comes from the future, in a drug raid. The android's mission is to ensure the death of Yohji...

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Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  1 January 2004

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Runtime:  1 h 50 min

A rare entry into sci-fi territory for Hong Kong cinema, Hidden Heroes teamed up directors Joe Ma and Soi Cheang for a strange tale of time travel, robots and history-changing events.

Ronald Cheng stars as Yoiji Ho, a shambles of a policeman who unwittingly interferes with a crime and gets framed for killing a police officer. When Ho must go on the run, robot Chan Mei-ling (Charlene Choi) from the year 2054 steps in to ensure history runs according to schedule.

Chan’s been sent back in time to make sure Ho dies on 15 August in Happy Valley Cemetery – a death that will set in motion the invention of the Chan Mei-ling series of robots by a younger brother Ho never even knew he had. Unimpressed to hear that he’s about to die, Ho tries to dispose of the robot and heads to a passport forger, Ling (Charlene Choi), for a new identity. Thinking that Ling is the robot, Ho decides to kill her but soon finds that’s no simple task with the police and an android on his tail.

Ronald Cheng, still riding high with local audiences after his bawdy breakthrough in 2003’s Dragon Loaded, shows a complete lack of subtlety as he hammers home his comedy in Hidden Heroes. Clearly out of place as a cop, Cheng continues to build much of his humour on playing the unlikeliest of characters with trashy abandon. Charlene Choi, taking on multiple roles, moves between robot motions, steely action work and schoolgirl playfulness to provide one of her more varied performances to date. Not content to rest on the film’s absurd main plot, co-directors Ma and Cheang enliven the production with fun details, side characters and concepts, not least in placing Ho and his survivalist family in a bizarre rooftop fortress geared up with inventions and provisions to live through disaster.

Tim Youngs

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