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Poster for the movie "Ping Pong"

Ping Pong

Ping Pong (2017) — 101 min – Crime, TV Movie, Drama, Mystery, Thriller – 15 October 2017 Your rating: Not rated yet! Director:  Shiue Bin Jian … Read more

Poster for the movie "It's No Heaven"

It’s No Heaven

Long’s wife was raped and murdered by a senior cadre’s child. The murderer got away from the law because of his influence. Along (Zheng Haonan) was inexplicably sad and angry, but on impulse, he killed the murderer by mistake. Liang Sihao) smuggled to Hong Kong together. Long and Wen arrived in Hong Kong after a lot of hard work, but they fell into the hands of the snakehead group. They were used by the gangster, … Read more

Poster for the movie "China's Megatomb Revealed"

China’s Megatomb Revealed

Albert Lin and National Geographic Channel unearth the terrible secrets that lie hidden in the tomb of China’s first Emperor. The Terracotta Warriors are just the tip of the iceberg in this mausoleum the size of Manhattan, that has gone largely unexcavated…until now. These silent statues guard explosive, macabre findings that rewrite history and paint a very different picture of the ancient world from what we thought we knew.

Poster for the movie "Somewhere Out There"

Somewhere Out There

After being through many tough situations in her life, Lin Mei-jing wrote this letter to Lin Hsih-hao. Even though they’re classmates, they are not familiar with each other at first. By a chance, she entered his secret shelter, after that, they started to share secrets and everything there. Today, they decided to leave the world together. This is a top secret plan. No one else knows it.

Poster for the movie "Dear Orange"

Dear Orange

What Mei wants is a simple relationship with someone who loves her dearly. However, fate decides otherwise. After a failed marriage and an immoral affair with a married man, she gives up on life because of one setback after another. For the past decade, she has barely survived with her mentally disabled son, Diku, and her dementia mother. But when she bumps again into her ex-husband, Zhi-yuan, her life is no longer quiet. His glove … Read more