Zhang Chong

zhang-chongZHANG Chong graduated from Beijing Film Academy. He is a producer of famous Chinese TV shows.

ZHANG started his film career as a scriptwriter. His script works include FULL CIRCLE (by ZHANG Yang, 2012 Tokyo IFF). ZHANG also produced TINY TIMES 3.0 (2014) and TINY TIMES 4.0 (2015). THE FOURTH WALL is ZHANG’s second film as a director after SUPER ME.

Filmography of Zhang Chong



The Fourth Wall

LIU Lu is leading a dreary and seemingly mundane life, working at a deer breeding farm. A friend, MA Hai, keeps trying in vain to win her affections. It’s as if she’s isolating and banishing herself from any kind of human warmth or love. MA Hai confesses he knows another LIU Lu and another himself in a ‘parallel world’. The more she learns about the other ‘her’, the more LIU Lu uncovers about the long … Read more