Yuhang Ho

Born in 1971 in Malaysia, writer/director/actor Ho Yuhang was took a degree in engineering from Iowa State University before returning to begin what might have been an ordinary career – had a last-minute decision to quit his job and begin writing/shooting his own movies instead. His second career began in the commercial television industry in order to immerse himself in the basics of film production, and later shot an award-winning documentary, Semangat Insan (1999). Ho’s first feature, Min (2002) won the Special Jury Prize at the Nantes Festival of 3 Continents. His second, Sanctuary (2004) won the NETPAC Award at the Pusan International Film Festival, and an Honorary Mention from the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Ho Yuhang is now recognized as one of the leading figures in Malaysia’s internationally celebrated contemporary independent film movement.

Poster for the movie "Rain Dogs"

Rain Dogs

When 19-year old Tung – a young Malaysian living with his aging mother in a small town – sets out to reconnect with his elder brother in the urban chaos of Kuala Lumpur, little does he realize that a journey of self-discovery into the conflicted realms of love, loyalty and loss lies directly up ahead. Guileless and overconfident, Tung soon finds himself drawn into a world where deceit, treachery, violence, and irrevocable loss are the … Read more