Ying Liang

Ying Liang images, movies, bio – Ying Liang images, movies, bio – Ying Liang (Chinese: 应亮; born 1977) is a Chinese independent film director and screenwriter. Ying Liang graduated from the Department of Directing at the Chongqing Film Academy and Beijing Normal University. His short film The Missing House (2003) won the best script award at the Beijing Student Film Festival, and Critics Award at the Hong Kong Independent Short Film Festival. After the success of his short films, he directed his first feature film Taking Father Home (2005), which won awards at the Tokyo Filmex Film Festival, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Taking Father Home was also selected at more than 30 international film festivals including those taking place in Rotterdam, Vancouver, London, Chicago, and Fribourg. In 2006, Ying made The Other Half, which is supported by the Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) from the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The film also won the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo Filmex Film Festival. [wikipedia]

Poster for the movie "Taking Father Home"

Taking Father Home

A 17 year old boy from a village in the Sechuan province leaves for the big city looking for his father, who left 6 years before and has not been heard of since. The fact that his mother still receives money his father does nothing to tame his anger. He his not looking for a warm reunion, it is unconcealed revenge that drives him. Totally lost, he roams the big city with his basket of … Read more

Poster for the movie "When Night Falls"

When Night Falls

The mother of a murderer awaits and prepares to meet her son. The true story of a man who killed six Shanghai policemen after suffering police beatings as a punishment for riding an unlicensed bicycle. This film was produced as a part of the Jeonju Digital Project.

Poster for the movie "The Other Half"

The Other Half

Xiaofen (Zeng Xiaofei) spends all day listening to everything that’s wrong with China, opening her eyes to the chaos that threatens her own life. Working as a secretary for a legal office, Xiaofen records clients detailing the sordid aspects of their lives: divorce cases, medical malpractice suits, financial corruption and old-fashioned personal revenge. Xiaofen starts to question her own relationship with her boyfriend (Deng Gang), fresh out of prison and looking to get into trouble … Read more