Yang Heng

Lake August

After his father commits suicide by drunkenly jumping off a boat and his girlfriend announces she is marrying another man, Ah Li is left alone. Not much changes in his life. His primary activities are smoking and drinking beer; occasionally he watches some porn. Looking for diversion, he visits a boarding house on a lake. There he meets his old class-mate Monkey and the man’s mistress Ah Fang. The two quarrel a lot because Monkey … Read more

Sun Spots

A Li lives in a small town in the south. He is a gangster who lives on collecting money with the underworld thugs. His father is a good-for-nothing alcoholic. One morning, A Li sees Liang Yu and Xiaomin quarrelling in a distance. Later, A Li comes to the river as usual, sees Xiaomin who’s lying on the bank. He wakes her up, turns on the audio on the motorcycle and both of them listen to … Read more


Along a sleepy Hunan riverside, two delinquent boys experience a summer of love and violence in Yang Heng’s visually stunning debut. Ali and Xiao Yu are two teenage rebels idling away their days along the banks of a river in Jishou, a quiet town in Hunan province. They steal motorbikes, bully and rob kids, sing karaoke and get into fist fights outside the local internet bar.. But their rough exterior belies a deeper romanticism, and … Read more