Tung-yen Chou

Tung-yen Chou (周東彥) is the creative director of Very Theatre and Very Mainstream Studio.

Chou’s interdisciplinary work in theatre and film has been invited internationally. His recent films has been nominated by Golden Horse Awards, and screened in Seattle International Film Festival, OutFest and NewFest.

Tung-yen Chou Filmography


Poster for the movie "In the Mist"

In the Mist

In a dim room filled with steam and mist, blurred figures of men are sipping the desire and loneliness from each other. You seem to have entered a forbidden zone and fallen into a state between dreaming and being awake, gazing at someone and also being gazed by them. The “prurience,” “erotism,” and “obscenity” in the steam room is part of the life experience that is unspeakable yet indispensable in gay community culture. Incorporating the … Read more