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Tsai Ming-liang (蔡明亮 ; Cài Míngliàng) is a Taiwanese filmmaker and auteur.

Tsai Ming-liang was born in Malaysia on October 27th 1957. He graduated from the Chinese Cultural University of Taiwan and has written and directed for stage and television. His films have won many awards including the 1994 Golden Lion (Aiqing Wansui, 1994), the Silver Bear for Tian Bian Yi Duo Yuan (2004) and five FIPRESCI awards.

In 2002, he received the distinguished medal of the Knight of Order of Arts and Letters from the French government. His next film will be produced by and shot at the Louvre Museum in France.

His films have been acclaimed worldwide and have won numerous film festival awards. He has written and directed 10 feature films and has many short films and television films. Tsai is one of the most celebrated “Second New Wave” film directors of Taiwanese cinema.  [Source: Wikipedia]

“The body always plays an important role in my films. You could say the body is the most beautiful thing we have or you could say it’s the ugliest thing we have. We can sell bodies, we can adore or worship bodies.”

Tsai Ming-liang filmography

Tsai Ming-liang

Poster for the movie "I Don't Want to Sleep Alone"

I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone

After being robbed and attacked in Kuala Lumpur, Hsiao-kang, a homeless man, is taken in by some Bangladeshi workers. One of them, Rawang, lets him...

The river

The story of a troubled father-son relationship set against the backdrop of Taipei’s rapidly evolving youth culture. The River is a 1997 Taiwanese film directed...
Poster for the movie "Vive L'Amour"

Vive L’Amour

The film focuses on three city folks who unknowingly share the same apartment: Mei, a real estate agent who uses it for her sexual...
Poster for the movie "The Hole"

The Hole

Somewhere in Taiwan, the rain won’t stop. A mysterious disease reaches epidemic proportions… A young man uses the sizeable hole in his living room...
Poster for the movie "Face"


A Taiwanese filmmaker makes a film based on the myth of Salomé at the Louvre. He gives the part of King Herod to the...
Poster for the movie "Goodbye, Dragon Inn"

Goodbye, Dragon Inn

On a dark, wet night a historic and regal Chinese cinema sees its final film. Together with a small handful of souls they bid...
Poster for the movie "The Wayward Cloud"

The Wayward Cloud

The tender missed connection of What Time Is It There? has another chance in Taipei: Hsiao-Kang, now working as an adult movie actor, meets...
Poster for the movie "Rebels of the Neon God"

Rebels of the Neon God

Introverted Hsiao Kang feels cooped up at home. A high school drop-out, he spends his days killing time. He has no friends to speak of.When...
Poster for the movie "What Time Is It There?"

What Time Is It There?

Hsiao-Kang sells watches in the streets of Taipei for a living. A few days after his father’s death, he meets a young woman, Shiang-Chyi,...
Poster for the movie "The Skywalk Is Gone"

The Skywalk Is Gone

A girl (Shiang-chyi Chen) looks for a street vendor in Taipei. But she can't find him since the Skywalk is Gone. The Skywalk is Gone...
The-Deserted Tsai Ming-liang VR movie

The Deserted

First Chinese VR film from Tsai Ming-liang. The story involves a man recovering from an illness, who is unable to communicate properly with either his...
Poster for the movie "Stray Dogs"

Stray Dogs

Imbued with mystery, sly humour and an enormous heart, the latest film from visionary director Tsai Ming-liang links together a series of sumptuously composed...
Poster for the movie "Beautiful 2012"

Beautiful 2012

A superb package of shorts by four leading East Asian directors: Ann Hui on a male-to-female sex change, Kim Tae-yong on an emotional imposture,...
Poster for the movie "I Don't Want to Sleep Alone"

I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone

Forest fires burn in Sumatra; a smoke covers Kuala Lumpur. Grifters beat an immigrant day laborer and leave him on the streets. I Don't Want...

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