Tian-Ming Wu

Tian-Ming Wu, 吴天明, was born on October 19, 1939 in Shaanxi Province, China. He was considered one of the leading “Fourth Generation” directors.

Tian-Ming Wu Filmography

Poster for the movie "River Without Buoys"

River Without Buoys

Three men steer timber rafts on the Xiaohui river. Fifty-something Pan Laowu is still single. Thirsty years ago, he was in love with a girl. He talks about memory of this love affair with regret.


Life is a Chinese film …

Song of the Phoenix

The life and trials of You Tianming, a young suona apprentice who forms his own suona troupe at a time when the traditions of suona music are declining in Chinese society.

The King of Masks

Wang Bianlian is an aging street performer known as the King of Mask for his mastery of Sichuan Change Art in a true story. His wife left him with and infant son over 30 years ago. The son died from illness at age 10. This left Wang a melancholy loner aching for a male descendent to learn his rare and dying art.