Song Wen

SONG Wen is a film director, as well as the co-founder and president of FIRST International Film Festival (Xining, China).

FIRST International Film Festival is the most important independent film festival in China, with 12 years and jury presidents including Wong Kar Wai, Lou Ye, Jiang Wen, and a competitive section dedicated to Chinese first and second features. THE ENIGMA OF ARRIVAL is SONG Wen’s first feature film.

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Song Wen Filmography

Poster for the movie "The Enigma of Arrival"

The Enigma of Arrival

Long, the main character, spends his youth wandering with his three best friends from high school. With the emergence of a woman, Dongdong, whom they all fall in love with, their friendship begins to fray. One day, Dongdong suddenly disappears in an ambiguous situation, and the friendship ends. After many years, the friends meet again. However, just as youth cannot return, they can only confirm that their friendship cannot be restored.