Johnny Ma

Johnny Ma, 马楠, was born in Shanghai and raised in Canada. He studied film at Columbia University. His short films are The Robbery, Play , The Genius from Quintino, and A Grand Canal. Old Stone  is his first feature film. His second feature To Live To Sing premiered at the Director’s Fortnight Section of the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Johnny Ma Filmography

Poster for the movie "Old Stone"

Old Stone

A man falls down the stairs, but instead of helping him, the bystanders just take photos with their phones. Lao Shi is a taxi driver and he’s fighting for justice in the darkest recesses of Chinese society. The man who pushed him got into his taxi drunk not so very long ago, grabbed the steering wheel and caused an accident. The victim of the crash has been in a coma ever since, and because his … Read more