Jacky Gan

GAN Jianyu was born in 1988 in China. He graduated from the Director’s department of the Communication University of Zhejiang for his bachelor’s degree, and he completed his MFA at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

He co-directed the feature film Sometimes Naive in 2015, which won the best feature film at 8th FIRST International film festival and was selected at the 10th Hongkong Asian Film Festival.


Jacky Gan’s Filmography


Poster for the movie "Vortex"


The story revolves around a “surprise” kidnapping case. Liu Xiaojun (Dapeng), the owner of the car dealership, was involved in a kidnapping case for the accident of reselling a black car. He was surrounded by the kidnapped little girl Kiki (Ulanto Yaduo), the dereliant brother Xia Xi (Ou Hao) Several seemingly irrelevant people, such as Xia Tao (Sha Baoliang), dancers (Li Meng ), and second-hand car dealers (Cao Bingyu), have also fallen into the abyss … Read more