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Guan Hu (born August 1, 1968) is a sixth generation Chinese film director. A graduate of the class of 1991 of the prestigious Beijing Film Academy, Guan became the youngest director in the Beijing Film Studio. In the 1990s, Guan directed a handful of films making a name as an important voice of the sixth generation, most notably with his debut, 1994’s Dirt. A portrayal of Beijing’s rock music scene, Dirt was filmed on a shoestring budget and was funded primarily by lead actress, Kong Lin. Dirt is often compared with another major sixth generation film about the Beijing rock scene, Zhang Yuan’s Beijing Bastards. Unlike that film, Guan Hu paid nearly US$2000 for state studio affiliation, allowing the film to be distributed in China and screened abroad with approval from state regulators.

Guan Hu

Poster for the movie "The Eight Hundred"

The Eight Hundred

From the acclaimed filmmaker behind Mr. Six comes a riveting war epic. In 1937, eight hundred Chinese soldiers fight under siege from a warehouse in...
Poster for the movie "Ba bai"

Ba bai

A film by Chinese director Guan Hu.
Poster for the movie "Mr. Six"

Mr. Six

Mr. Six (Chinese: 老炮儿) (previously known as Fading Wave) is a 2015 Chinese action comedy film directed by Guan Hu and written by Dong...
Poster for the movie "Cow"


Poster for the movie "Dirt"


The film follows a nurse, Ye Tong (Kong Lin), who also serves as the film's narrator. One day, Ye Tong reunites with some childhood...
Poster for the movie "Eyes of a Beauty"

Eyes of a Beauty

An aging opera singer facing retirement and a divorce. An energetic young woman seeking to escape her mundane life with her boyfriend.

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