Fan Popo

Popo Fan is a queer filmmaker, writer, and activist. His films featured topics such as same-sex marriage (New Beijing, New Marriage), transgender (Be A Woman), feminism (The VaChina Monologues).

His trilogy Chinese Closet, Mama Rainbow, Papa Rainbow, focusing on LGBT families in China, had made a strong impact on Chinese society. His tireless work on LGBT visibility also includes serving as an organizer for the Beijing Queer Film Festival for more than a decade, as well as the founder of Queer University Video Training Camp. In 2011, he received Prism Award from Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. And in 2016 he won the best short film at CHOUFTOUHONNA, Tunis International Feminist Art Film Festival (The VaChina Monologues). He participated in Berlinale Talents 2017. He is also on the jury of Teddy Award in 2019.


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Popo Fan Filmography

Poster for the movie "Chinese Closet"

Chinese Closet

A large majority of LGBT people in mainland China remain in the closet. Most of these closet doors are kept tightly shut by pressure from friends, family, and society itself. This documentary hopes to explore the experience of coming out in China through a series of interviews with out homosexuals. The interviews touch upon the discrimination, suppression, and even violence they have endured as well as the touching moments where they experienced compassion and understanding. … Read more

Poster for the movie "Floss"


The relationship between two young men in Beijing becomes strained after one of them develops an unusual fetish.

New Beijing, New Marriage

This short film shows a quest of two homosexual couples for understanding from the people in their surroundings, through meetings and exchanges on a square in the heart of Beijing. Director Popo Fan’s debut work recording a campaign on the Valentine’s Day in 2019, when a gay couple and a lesbian couple chose to have their wedding photos taken on Qianmen Street in Beijing. On this beautiful spring day in Beijing, a lot of interesting … Read more

Poster for the movie "Beer! Beer!"

Beer! Beer!

“Beer! Beer!” is an “anti-romantic comedy” set in the early morning following a wild party in Berlin. When Tao, a Chinese guy, meets Sebastian, a local German. As they seem to get more and more intimate with each other, suddenly a mattress changes everything …

Poster for the movie "The Drum Tower"

The Drum Tower

In this short from acclaimed queer filmmaker Fan Popo, an introverted senior school student and a transgender vintage shop-owner, two lonely souls are swimming in the fast-changing-city pool. Can they break the wall of communication? Where are they heading to?

The Vachina Monologues

The Chinese Department of Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou) staged the Chinese debut of The Vagina Monologue in Dec. 2003. Since then, this feminist play, which came from the US and has been committed to the elimination of gender-based violence, had incited a vagina hurricane that blew all over mainland China. Zhihe Society of Fudan University, Shanghai Beaver Club, Beijing Bcome Group, all these different crews performed this play in various ways. On campuses, they performed, … Read more

Mama Rainbow poster

Mama Rainbow

For Chinese parents, finding out that their kid is gay usually presents a major tragedy, with the big majority utterly unable to accept the homosexuality of their son or daughter. However, during recent years a fresh rainbow wind has been blowing over the Chinese mainland: a pioneer generation of Chinese parents has been stepping up and speaking out on their love for their gay kids. This documentary features 6 mothers from all over China, who … Read more

Poster for the movie "Papa Rainbow"

Papa Rainbow

In China, most families have difficulties facing their lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT) children. They have to contend with common social beliefs that homosexuality is shameful, abnormal, a perverted condition caused by deviant family relationships. Many parents see their kids as their property, and fathers often assert their authority to ensure that no harm comes to the family reputation. The documentary “Papa Rainbow” features six Chinese fathers who talk openly and freely about their … Read more