Doe Ching

Doe Ching (陶秦, 1915 – 16 May 1969) was a Chinese film director and screenwriter who worked in the cinema of Hong Kong.

Poster for the movie "The Blue and the Black"

The Blue and the Black

It’s a powerful melodrama about a thwarted romance in 1930s Tientsin, China, during the Japanese occupation, and it stars Linda Lin Dai, one of the era’s most popular stars. It was part of Golden Horse’s 100 Greatest Chinese-Language Films.

Poster for the movie "Our Sister Hedy"

Our Sister Hedy

One of the most beloved films from the Cathay Film Library, OUR SISTER HEDY stars Jeanette Lin Cui, Mu Hong, Julie Yeh Feng and So Fung as four sisters ready to leave the nest — and their father and sole parent Wang Yuan-Long has a hard time dealing with it! A funny, sweet and of course affecting romantic dramedy about love, family and the bond of sisterhood.

Poster for the movie "Love without End"

Love without End

Li Qingqing, an orphan, just arrives in Hong Kong and becomes a singer who sacrifices everything for her man.