Degena Yun

Degena Yun graduated from Dept. Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London, bachelor’s degree. Beijing Film Academy, Dept. of Directing, master’s degree. Her filmography includes: The ForestM (2011); Latitude 52 (2012), her debut feature, a nominee at the Montreal World Film Festival; A Simple Goodbye (2015), one of the projects selected by the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum 2015.

Poster for the movie "A Simple Goodbye"

A Simple Goodbye

This film expresses feeling in a highly obscure way. It presents a seemingly desultory time period to tell the story of two generations. A young girl who’s confused about what lies ahead is sent to England to receive education from childhood. She indulges herself in cyberlove and cannot get herself out of the hurtful affair. A middle-aged father who’s perplexed about death left his hometown for Beijing when he was young. He feels helpless about … Read more