Bu Wan-Cang

Poster for the movie "A Married Couple in Name Only"

A Married Couple in Name Only

“A Married Couple in Name Only” is a drama directed by Bu Wancang, featuring Ruan Lingyu, Huang Junfu, and others in its cast. The film tells the story of a smart and beautiful woman, Shi Miaowen, who, due to the old custom of “betrothal by finger-pointing,” marries a foolish husband, Fang Shaolian. Later, Fang Shaolian dies of scarlet fever, and Shi Miaowen endures the agony of widowhood, resolved to never marry again.

Poster for the movie "The Peach Girl"

The Peach Girl

An upper-class son of urbane landowners falls in love with a peasant girl. When a pregnancy results, the couple are kept apart by strict societal morays.