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Aka: Lam Oi-Wah, Oi Wah Lam [林愛華].

Aubrey Lam Oi-Wah

Poster for the movie "Twelve Nights"

Twelve Nights

The fingerprints - or at least the inspiration - of producer Peter Chan, and the style he pioneered at production house United Filmmakers Organization...
Poster for the movie "Love Without Distance"

Love Without Distance

Love Without Distance (Chinese: 土豪520) is a 2015 Chinese romantic comedy film directed by Aubrey Lam. It was released in China on May 21,...
Poster for the movie "Anna & Anna"

Anna & Anna

Anna & Anna is a movie about a Singaporean arts saleswoman / alpha female and her subdued doppelganger. Anna One (the arts saleswoman) is very...