Zhou Dong-Yu

Zhou Dongyu (Chinese: 周冬雨), a celebrated Chinese actress, has made significant strides in the film industry, gaining widespread recognition and numerous accolades for her performances.

Early Life and Education

Born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Zhou Dongyu faced personal tragedy early in life with the loss of her father in a car accident. Despite these challenges, she pursued gymnastics and later focused on her education, attending Shijiazhuang No. 27 Middle School and then Shijiazhuang No. 12 Middle School.

Career Highlights

2010–2015: Rising Stardom

Zhou’s acting career catapulted to fame with her debut in Zhang Yimou’s Under the Hawthorn Tree (2010), a role she landed with no prior acting experience. Her performance earned her critical acclaim, including awards at the Valladolid International Film Spain Festival and the Huabiao Award. Following this, she appeared in several films, including The Allure of Tears and The Road Of Exploring, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

2016–Present: Critical Acclaim

Zhou’s role in Soul Mate (2016) marked a significant milestone in her career, earning her the Best Actress award at the Golden Horse Awards. She continued to receive acclaim for her roles in subsequent films, including Never Said Goodbye and the spy drama series Sparrow. In This Is Not What I Expected (2017), she further cemented her status in the industry, and her performance in Us and Them (2018) contributed to the film’s commercial success.

Her portrayal in Better Days (2019) won her Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards, showcasing her ability to tackle challenging and diverse roles.

In 2021, she starred in the series Ancient Love Poetry, and in 2023, she featured in The Breaking Ice, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

Recognition and Influence

Zhou has been recognized as one of the “Four Dan actresses of the post-90s Generation” and has consistently ranked high on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, reflecting her influence and popularity in the industry.

Personal Life

Zhou, who graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, has shown remarkable progress in her language skills, evolving from needing interpretation at international film festivals to speaking fluent English.

Political Views

In 2021, Zhou was in the spotlight for terminating her contract with Burberry as a brand ambassador, aligning with other Chinese celebrities in response to the company’s stance on cotton sourcing from Xinjiang.

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