Zhang Yang

Poster for the movie "Tracing Revelation"

Tracing Revelation

Chinese short film directed by Zhang Yang. A young man running in Beijing ’s Hutong (Huang Jue) overhears the phone of a woman at the table in KFC and tries to contact him; in the bar, a group of boys bid for the girl ’s favorite for a chance to order songs; Found himself being followed by a skater boy. At the same time, the protagonist (Jia Hongsheng), who was found to be tracing, was … Read more

Poster for the movie "Shock Wave 2"

Shock Wave 2

After suffering life changing injuries in the line of duty, bomb disposal officer Fung turns his back on the police. But when a devastating series of bombings sweep Hong Kong, the police suspect their former ally may be involved after he is found unconscious at a crime scene. Now faced with memory loss and recalling only fragments of his former life, Fung sets out to uncover the truth and find out who he really is.

Poster for the movie "Zhang Sanfeng 2: Tai Chi Master"

Zhang Sanfeng 2: Tai Chi Master

Zhang Daoling received a letter of help from his friend Wen, an adult, and took his disciple Wang Chang to Bashu. However, he found that his friend was dead and he was involved in a shocking conspiracy. Zhang Daoling insisted on his own heart and was not fooled by foreign objects. Eventually, he stopped the evil sacrifices of the local evil organizations to ruin the people, and taught the local people.

Poster for the movie "Spring Subway"

Spring Subway

A stylish urban romance about the silent suffering of a modern Chinese couple.