Yu Zhang

Poster for the movie "A Cool Fish"

A Cool Fish

Cop-turned-security guard Ma Xianyong finds himself in a criminal twilight zone when two unrelated events turn his world upside down. The mysterious disappearance of his boss has implications for his financial security. Even more perilous is the abduction of his paralyzed sister who, unknown to Ma, makes a morbid deal with her captors.

Romance on Lushan Mountain

中美建交后,侨居美国的国民党将军周振武的女儿周筠(张瑜 饰)回到祖国观光,在庐山游玩的途中,她巧遇有志青年耿桦(郭凯敏 饰)。两个对祖国怀有无限热爱且充满远大志向的青年走到一起,经过短短几天的相处,他们渐渐产生了感情。然而很快耿桦便因此受到审查,周筠也郁郁离开。十年浩劫结束后,已是清华研究生的耿桦在庐山和周筠重逢,这对相爱之人不愿再被分开,彼此约定婚期。而当耿桦的父亲得知周筠的身世时,却对这门婚事断然拒绝……女主角张瑜凭借本片当选第一届金鸡奖和同年百花奖的“双料影后”。

Evening Rain

Evening Rain, a feature film co-directed by Wu Yigong and Wu Yonggang, is about the years of the Cultural Revolution. It won the Outstanding Film Prize issued by the Ministry of Culture in 1980 and the Best Feature Film Prize at the First Golden Rooster Awards in 1981.