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Poster for the movie "The Assassin"

The Assassin

The Assassin (刺客聶隱娘; Cìkè Niè Yǐnniáng) is a 2015 wuxia film directed by Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien. A Taiwan/China/Hong Kong co-production, it was an official...
Poster for the movie "Cell Phone"

Cell Phone

FEFJ favourite Feng Xiaogang returns with another Chinese New Year blockbuster. But Cell Phone is something different. In his richest, most satisfyingly realized movie to...
Poster for the movie "Sorry Baby"

Sorry Baby

Poster for the movie "Back to 1942"

Back to 1942

Poster for the movie "The Rooftop"

The Rooftop

Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou, drawing on his years as an actor, director, and recording star, creates a fantasy playground of music, moves, and...
Poster for the movie "Saving General Yang"

Saving General Yang

When a rival nation sends troops to invade the Song Dynasty, the emperor sends general Yang Ye (Adam Cheng) to defend the nation. Saving General...
Poster for the movie "Aftershock"


Based on the Tangshan Earthquake in 1976 that took the lives of 240,000 people. Aftershock is a 2010 Chinese disaster-drama film directed by Feng Xiaogang...
Poster for the movie "Gone Forever with My Love"

Gone Forever with My Love

Su Kai is spunky but lonesome: his job takes him on long solitary drives across China. On a ferry, he meets two China Air...
Poster for the movie "A World Without Thieves"

A World Without Thieves

Mystery, comedy, action adventure, spiritual odyssey, romance... Feng Xiaogang’s masterful A World Without Thieves is all of these films, wrapped up in one irresistible...
Poster for the movie "A Sigh"

A Sigh

A Sigh tells the story of an affair between a struggling Chinese screenwriter and his young female assistant, its effects on his marriage and...
Poster for the movie "Be There or Be Square"

Be There or Be Square

A box-office hit in China last Xmas, Be There or Be Squareis a thoroughly engaging mismatched-couple comedy between two Beijingers in Los Angeles. Basically a...

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