Xavier Lin

Poster for the movie "Man in Love"

Man in Love

A-Cheng collects debts for a gangster and doesn’t skimp on violence, but he can also be merciful to those who deserve it. He has a crush on Hao-ting, the daughter of one of the debtors, but he only knows the underworld and so embarks on a clumsy and primitive courtship that includes reducing the girl’s debts in exchange for pity dates. But when Hao-ting catches a glimpse of the good in him, the clouds of … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Painting of Evil"

The Painting of Evil

Specialized in abstract art, Hsu Pao-Ching is a middle-aged painter who struggles in his career. By chance, he begins giving at art lessons in a prison, where he discovers that Chou Chang-Ting, one of the inmates, has great talent for painting. He holds am exhibition of Chou’s works, however as Chou committed random attacks and killed several people, a protest is staged against it. In the end, Hsu gets hurt and the exhibition is withdrawn. … Read more