Weather Girls

Weather Girls is a group of Japanese idols from Taiwan. Originally, the group was formed in 2010 and acted as weather forecasters on television and the internet for Taiwan and the United States. After attracting attention in Japan, seven of its members, one for each day of the week, were selected to debut as an idol group in Japan in 2012. They are the first Taiwanese girl group to come to Japan. In Japan, the group is under Pony Canyon and is managed by Ritz Productions. Jeff Miyahara is the producer of the group. After its debut, the group has continuously performed in all regions of the coutry.[4] Its members have also starred in dramas, hosted television shows, and sung television theme songs. So far, the group has released six Japanese singles and one Japanese album amongst other things. In 2013, the group also debuted as a musical group in Taiwan. The group issued a Mandarin album in the following year. In its homeland, the group is under FEMC and is managed by L Motion Entertainment. Its producer is Bryan Chen. However, the group has been declining after coming back to Taiwan and its alleged conflicts with FEMC have resulted in some members leaving the group and having been sued by the company. The incumbent members of the group are: Hijon for Monday, Ria for Wednesday, Mia for Thursday, Yumi for Saturday, and NueNue for Sunday. Wednesday Girl Dara left in 2013 and was later replaced by Ria. Tuesday Girl Esse left in 2014 and Friday Girl Mini left in 2015; their posts have since been vacant.

Poster for the movie "The Wonderful Wedding"

The Wonderful Wedding

The Wonderful Wedding is a 2015 Taiwanese comedy film starring Chu Ke-liang, Ruby Lin, Li Dongxue, Kou Hsi-shun and Lin Mei-hsiu. A meet-the-parents-of-fiancee comedy, it pokes fun at the cultural and linguistic differences between Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan and Beijing in northern China. Protective father whose unreasonable obsession with traditions nearly derails his daughter’s wedding.