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Wang Chuanjun (simplified Chinese: 王传君; traditional Chinese: 王傳君; pinyin: Wāng Chuánjūn; born 18 October 1985) also known as Eric Wang is a Chinese actor and host. Wang is noted for playing Sekitani Kamiya in the romantic comedy television series iPartment, which enjoyed the highest ratings in China when it was broadcast.

Wang Chuanjun

Poster for the movie "Dying to Survive"

Dying to Survive

Chen Yong, a drug dealer, selling a forbidden but effective drug for chronic myelocytic leukemia. Dying to Survive is a 2018 Chinese comedy-drama film directed...
Poster for the movie "Undercover Duet"

Undercover Duet

Undercover Duet (simplified Chinese: 猛龙特囧; traditional Chinese: 猛龍特囧) is a 2015 action comedy film directed by Mark Wu. A Hong Kong-China co-production, the film...

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