Tian Liang

Tian Liang (Chinese: 田亮; pinyin: Tián Liàng; born August 27, 1979 in Chongqing) is a male Chinese former diver. In the Summer Olympics 2004, he won the bronze medal in the 10 m platform event and a gold medal in the synchronised platform event. Tian was also the previous 10 m platform Olympics champion, winning gold in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He is now an actor.

Since then, he and another gold medal winner, Guo Jingjing, often appeared at the public activities. They were better known in unison as Liang Jingjing (亮晶晶, the complex name of Tian and Guo, synonymous with the word for ‘sparkling’).

After belting his multiple Olympic medals, Tian Liang received numerous invitations to lend his name and face to corporate promotions. His involvement in commercial activities, and perhaps other disputes with the national team, have led the national team to fire him after repeated warnings. In spite of this, however, Tian did not cease his diving training but continued to practice with a provincial team. Not only did he maintain his diving standard, he furthermore managed to safeguard a medal at the following Chinese National Games. Although there were great public interest in him rejoining the national team, it did not happen. Tian has since then split his schedule between diving training and public activities. Finally on March 25, 2007, Tian announced his retirement as a diver.

On July 29, 2008, it was announced that Tian would not be rejoining the national team and participating in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Tian is now an actor.

Poster for the movie "My Beloved Bodyguard"

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1941年,河北平原上发生了著名的五一大扫荡,日寇数万人对我根据地实行疯狂的三光政策,抗日军民不甘心做亡国奴,他们在党的领导下,对敌人展开反扫荡。话说这天,桥头镇发生了一场地裂山崩的战斗,八路军排长史更新(申军谊 饰)执行完掩护任务后,身负重伤,被区小队救回,藏在老乡的地洞里。侦察员肖飞(李强 饰)只身大闹县城,买回急需的西药。区长金月波(宋春丽 饰)借伪军队长刁士贵(葛优 饰)的婚礼变葬礼,成功策反伪军起义。丁尚武(赵小锐 饰)等人突袭敌营,救回被抓的大批妇女。他们在敌后神出鬼没,拔据点、烧炮楼、惩汉奸,打得敌人魂飞胆丧,有利配合了主力作战……