Sun Min

Poster for the movie "Evening Bell"

Evening Bell

Taking place in the immediate aftermath of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Evening Bell follows a small platoon of five Chinese soldiers who must negotiate a devastated landscape, burying bodies, disarming mines, and eventually facing off against a starving band of Japanese soldiers who do not yet know that the war has ended.

Poster for the movie "Jing du qiu xia"

Jing du qiu xia

清朝末年,欧洲足球队海盗队来华时和驻华外国使馆联队进行了一场比赛。比赛引来了大批民众和朝廷官员观看,海盗队获胜后,队长哈里为博取女友詹尼一笑,竟然用力将球踢向围观的群众和朝廷官员。就在一众外国人哈哈大笑之时,人群中窜出一名大汉,他叫周天(张丰毅 饰),他以高强的球技回敬了哈里。詹尼见此教唆哈里向中方挑战,于是一场中外足球赛大战在即。原来周天是一位曾留学牛津大学并曾担任清朝翰林院编修的进步青年,他深知中、外足球水平的据,单凭一己之力很难为中国人出一口气。于是,周天踏上了访寻民间球侠、为国增光的道路。

Jing Gai’er

Tang Daxing, paroled after seven years in jail for brawling over his high school sweetheart Xiaohui, hopes to find legitimate work so they can finally marry — but the reappearance of an old classmate who has struck it rich poses a temptation: can they withstand the lure of easy money in a fast-changing China? – Written by Ada Shen