Shichang Da

Poster for the movie "Zhanzhi luo bie paxia"

Zhanzhi luo bie paxia

Zhanzhi luo bie paxia (1993) — — – 6 November 1993 Your rating: Not rated yet! Director:  Jianxin Huang Stars:  Shichang Da, Feng Gong, Zhenhua Niu … Read more

Poster for the movie "A Soul Haunted by Painting"

A Soul Haunted by Painting

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Yu-liang leaves a brothel in a small Chinese town, to become the second wife of Mr. Pan. While Pan is away at the revolution in Yunnan, Yu-liang learns to paint and takes art classes at the Shanghai Art Institute, until it is closed for painting nudes. Because she cannot bear him a son, Yu-liang leaves Pan to his first wife, and studies art in Paris, where she wins … Read more

Poster for the movie "Concerto of Life"

Concerto of Life

Jilted by his first love, and abandoned by the woman he marries, piano teacher Jiansheng refuses to allow his misfortune to dilute his devotion to music and to his students. When he becomes critically ill, two of his former students, who have become internationally-acclaimed pianists, return to Shanghai to perform at a benefit concert in aid of their former teacher, who they owe so much. Unfortunately, Jiansheng is too ill to attend the concert, but … Read more