Qiu Ze

Poster for the movie "Detective Chinatown 3"

Detective Chinatown 3

Following the excitement of first Bangkok and then New York, a big murder case takes place in Tokyo. Chinatown master detectives Tangren (Wang Baoqiang) and Qinfeng (Liu Haoren) are invited to take up the mystery. Adding to the excitement are the other detectives on the CRIMASTER international detective list as well as the current top rank, Q. Yet another hilarious battle of wits is set to take place…

Poster for the movie "Dear Ex"

Dear Ex

When Sanlian’s ex-husband passes away, she discovers he has altered his insurance policy, cutting out their son in favor of a stranger named Jay. Dear Ex (誰先愛上他的) is a 2018 Taiwanese film directed by renowned director Mag Hsu together with new director Hsu Chih-yen, starring Roy Chiu, Hsieh Ying-hsuan and Chen Ru-shan. It is scheduled to be screened on November 2, 2018.