Peisi Chen

Chen Peisi (陈佩斯; Chén Peìsī; born 1 February 1954) is a Chinese comedian, sketch actor, and voice actor. Chen’s partner is Zhu Shimao.


Chen’s father Chen Qiang named him Chen Peisi after Pest, when he performed The White-Haired Girl in Budapest, Hungary in 1951. The pronunciation of “Budapest” in Mandarin Chinese is “pinyin: Bù Dá Peì Sī”. Chen’s father named his elder brother Chen Buda (陈布达).

Chen was born in Changchun, Jilin on 1 February 1954. In 1966, Chen studied at The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University. In 1969, during the Cultural Revolution, he worked in Inner Mongolia Production and Construction Corps. In 1973, Chen worked in August First Film Studio as an actor. In 1991, Chen set up a company named Hainan Comedy Film and Television Limited Company (海南喜剧影视有限公司), then renamed it Dadao Film and Television Limited Company (大道影业有限公司). In 2000, Chen and his partner Zhu Shimao sued the China International Television Corporation over royalties from broadcasts which they won, but they were then taken off air by the parent company, China Central Television. [wikipedia]

Chen Peisi filmography


Poster for the movie "The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven"

The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven

Mythical ancient China. Born from some magic stones that fell to Earth a long time ago when Goddess Nüwa mended the sky, Sun Wukong, aka Monkey King, lives on Flower-Fruit Mountain, where he leads a community of other monkeys with his magical powers. One day, after breaking his halberd, he learns he can get a new one from Dragon King of the Eastern Sea, whom he visits in his underwater lair. Annoyed that Monkey King … Read more

Poster for the movie "Xiao zi xian sun ci hou zhe"

Xiao zi xian sun ci hou zhe

Xiao zi xian sun ci hou zhe (1993) — — – 1 January 1993 Your rating: Not rated yet! Director:  Peisi Chen, Jianfeng Zeng Stars:  Peisi … Read more

Poster for the movie "Sha mao jing li"

Sha mao jing li

Sha mao jing li (1988) — — – 1 January 1988 Your rating: Not rated yet! Director:  Ji-shun Duan Stars:  Peisi Chen, Qiang Chen, Feng Yuanzheng, … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Secret of the Magic Gourd"

The Secret of the Magic Gourd

The Secret of the Magic Gourd follows the wondrous adventures of a young schoolboy named Wang Bao. When Wang Bao discovers a magical gourd that can instantly grant his every wish, the awkward child suddenly becomes a hero amongst his curious classmates. When the gourd proves more of a burden than a blessing and the boy decides to get rid of it, he quickly discovers that’s easier said than done.

Poster for the movie "Jing du qiu xia"

Jing du qiu xia

清朝末年,欧洲足球队海盗队来华时和驻华外国使馆联队进行了一场比赛。比赛引来了大批民众和朝廷官员观看,海盗队获胜后,队长哈里为博取女友詹尼一笑,竟然用力将球踢向围观的群众和朝廷官员。就在一众外国人哈哈大笑之时,人群中窜出一名大汉,他叫周天(张丰毅 饰),他以高强的球技回敬了哈里。詹尼见此教唆哈里向中方挑战,于是一场中外足球赛大战在即。原来周天是一位曾留学牛津大学并曾担任清朝翰林院编修的进步青年,他深知中、外足球水平的据,单凭一己之力很难为中国人出一口气。于是,周天踏上了访寻民间球侠、为国增光的道路。

Poster for the movie "Fu zi lao ye che"

Fu zi lao ye che

Old Kui and his son Erzi use an old car in Shenzhen to transport tourists but are cheated by the manager of the resort they work for.

Poster for the movie "Tai hou ji xiang"

Tai hou ji xiang

清朝末年,慈禧(斯琴高娃 饰)突然身染怪病,御医们一批批来了又走,都没能开出药方治好太后的病。慈溪大怒,命人将御医们全部斩首。斩首这天,刑场旁边放着丰盛的酒席,好让御医们死前饱餐一顿。一个江湖郎中汤元元(陈佩斯 饰)因饥肠辘辘,不知就里就坐上席间大吃大喝。主斩官洪禄以为汤元元是问斩的御医,喝人将他捉了上来。汤元元发现洪禄正不停打嗝,随口说了个药方竟治好了他的病。太后得知此事,忙命人暗中吩咐洪禄带汤元元入宫为她看病。汤元元最终命运如何?