Mark Lee

Poster for the movie "Teenage Fugitive"

Teenage Fugitive

Three siblings idle their time while their parents are away. Youngest son, Hsiao-hung, finds a young fugitive taking refuge in their empty home, and hides him. Later, his mother finds the murderer sleeping in a cupboard – and a night of horror takes hold.

Poster for the movie "Just Call Me Nobody"

Just Call Me Nobody

Poor young cobbler Wu Di lives with his mother and is crazy about martial-arts picture books. One day he repairs the shoe of wandering swordswoman Yuelou and later helps save her in a fight with wanted criminal Tian Baguang, even though he has no martial-arts training. She tells him she owes him a life and can be found on Qin Mountain if he ever needs her. Yuelou is actually a princess who was due to … Read more