Maggie Siu Mei-Kei

Maggie Shiu Mei-kei (born 1965), sometimes credited as Maggie Siu or Maggie Shaw, is a prominent Hong Kong actress. Her career began in 1985 when she joined Hong Kong TVB. As her career developed, she took on variety of roles in TV series and movies. Hong Kong audiences still remember her first appearance in Jacky Cheung’s music video “輕撫你的臉” and her performance as Princess Fragrant in Take Care, Your Highness! (皇上保重). Overseas, Maggie has gained a wider audience with roles as Xiaozhao (小昭) in New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (倚天屠龍刀), Shek Yi-Ming (石伊明) in Blood of Good and Evil (我本善良), Cin Kiu (展翹) in The Breaking Point (今生無悔), Wai Hoi-Yi (韋海怡) in Conscience (第三類法庭), Anson Man (萬安生) in Healing Hands (妙手仁心), Sylvia Hong (康雅言)in the The Gem of Life (珠光寶氣), Officer Kat in PTU, and Mrs. Big D in Election. Since 2004 Siu has been nominated several times at the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Supporting Actress: PTU (2004), Breaking News (2005), Election (2006), and Eye in the Sky (2007). In 2007, she was nominated for best supporting actress category in Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award for her role as Madam in Eye in the Sky. Starting 2010 Siu stepped into new path of her career: filming the mainland China TV series. 《宮》 a.k.a. 《宮鎖心玉》 is the first, aired in early 2011, followed by 《歡樂元帥》. In 2011 she filmed her first Malaysia production movie 《老友開心鬼》 (Ghost Buddies).

Poster for the movie "Port of Call"

Port of Call

A teenage prostitute is murdered; her body cut up and flushed down the toilet, and her severed head thrown into Victoria Harbor. Director Philip Yung chooses to focus not on the crime or the investigation, but on the dead girl and her family, the cop and his family, and the killer who is without a family. The result is a genre-bender that progresses as it digresses, an atmospheric mosaic of human lives and actions that … Read more