Liu Mintao

Poster for the movie "Revival"


“The Long Corridor,” a best-selling suspense novel by Keigo Higashino, serves as the basis for this film. It revolves around a cloister pavilion mansion that harbors countless secrets, where a woman’s vengeful desires are ignited by love. The death of a wealthy businessman prompts his relatives to gather in the mansion, waiting to claim their share of the billions in inheritance. Each person carries their own hidden agenda. Just when the situation becomes critical, lawyer … Read more

Poster for the movie "Five Hundred Miles"

Five Hundred Miles

Five Hundred Miles is a movie by Chinese director Lun Su, starring Jiayin Lei, Xiaoffei Zhang, Jiali Ding

Poster for the movie "My People My Homeland"

My People My Homeland

A collection of six short, funny tales about life in China. In different parts of rural China, various people explore what makes their communities unique.

Poster for the movie "The Big Shot"

The Big Shot

A car fixer jumps off stairs after illegal demolition. Police officer tries to find the crime and catch the evil boss.