Li Li-Hua

A pioneering actress of contemporary Chinese cinema, LI Lihua (1924-2017) has set a number of records in film history – the first winner of two Golden Horse Best Actress Awards, and the first Chinese female lead in a major Hollywood production (China Doll, Dir: Frank Borzage, 1958).

Her virtuosity and versatility is represented in HKIFF43’s selection of four restored classics – Barber Takes a Wife (1947), HUANG Zuolin’s romantic satire about Shanghai, written by SANG Hu; Bright Day (1948), the only revolutionary film written and directed by celebrated drama master CAO Yu; Flower Girl (1951), ZHU Shilin’s post-war drama shot in Hong Kong, and the final film produced by FEI Mu; and Storm over the Yangtze River (1969), an award-winning patriotic film directed by LI Han-hsiang.

Flower Girl and Barber Takes a Wife had only hitherto existed in sole prints, the new restorations are initiated by the descendants of Sinze Wu (aka Wu Xingzai), the founder of Wenhua Film Company, and will have their World and Asian premiere in Hong Kong. [HKIFF]

LI Lihua Filmography