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Poster for the movie "A True Mob Story"

A True Mob Story

Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau is surprisingly likable in this 1998 crime melodrama, playing a cagey, intense, but ultimately pathetic mobster torn between...
Poster for the movie "Raped by an Angel"

Raped by an Angel

A lawyer is fascinated by an advertisement with two models, Lam and Man. He arranges a rape plan against Man.
Poster for the movie "King of Comedy"

King of Comedy

Broadly inspired by, rather than a remake of, Scorsese's pic of the same name, Stephen Chiau's Chinese New Year B.O. topper, King of Comedy,...
Poster for the movie "Shark Busters"

Shark Busters

Director Herman Yau presents a continued political edge in his filmmaking with Shark Busters, a cops n’ gangsters flick unlike all the genre’s entries...
Poster for the movie "A Chinese Torture Chamber Story"

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is a 1994 Hong Kong erotic (Category III) comedy film produced by Wong Jing and directed by Bosco Lam....

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